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A Huge Part Of Our Mission Is To Educate As Many People As We Can About Credit. When It Comes To Credit, Many Consumers Are Not Aware That The Removal Of The Negative Items On Their Credit Reports Is Not Going To Instantly Give Them A 700+ Score. Here's A Snapshot Of The Results From Our Clients When They Are Informed Of How Their Credit Works, As Well As How To Build It And Protect It At All Costs.

213 Point Increase!

61 Point Increase!

94 Point Increase!

303 Point Increase!

66 Point Increase!

261 Point Increase!

452 Point Decrease!

86 Point Decrease!

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This Is A Realistic Outcome Of What Can Happen When You Receive Deletions, But Have High Utilization, Excessive New Inquiries, Not Paying Your Bills On Time, And/Or Not Actively Adding Credit Builders To Add Strength To Your Reports!

Deletions, Positive Updates, You Name It!

Over $32,000 In Student Loans, Previously Reporting Delinquent, Now Reporting Positively!

$21,000+ Removed From Our Clients Reports Due To Inaccurate, Inconsistent Information Being Reported!

$8,000+ Removed PLUS A $25K+ Repossession From Our Clients Reports Due To Inaccurate Inconsistent Information, And Debt Collectors Not Able To Prove The Right To Collect!

$37,000+ In Student Loan Debt Removed From Our Clients Credit Report Due To Consumer Laws Being Violated In The Reporting Of The Accounts!



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