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Typically In The Credit Repair Process, You Must Maintain Credit Monitoring For An Fee To Access Your Scores And Reports, To Only Receive Vantage Scores, That NO Lender Utilizes. Not With Lawful Restoration Services! We Are The ONLY Credit Restoration Company Providing Our Clients With Their FICO Industry Scores & Reports Every Single Month In Our Program!

How We Improve Your Life

Our Certified Credit Experts Are Highly Trained To Break Down Your Credit Report To Find All Violations Of The Laws Enacted By Congress To Protect You, The Consumer. Our Number One Priority Is To Assist You In The Removal Of Inaccurately Reporting Information In The Least Amount Of Time Possible. Our Ethical Strategy Has Helped Us Maintain An 92% Deletion Rate For Our Clients. We Fight For You, So You Don't Have To!


We Challenge Every Piece Of Negative Information Every Month. This Makes Your Repair Process Much Shorter, Saving You Money.


We Help You Open Specifically Selected, Pre-Approved Lines Of Credit To Add Positive Information To Your Report, Making It Easier To

Get More Approvals Later.


We Teach You How To Continue To Build And Maintain Your New Score FOR LIFE!


Lawful 180°

Credit Coaching Program

Only $1750

  • Complimentary Credit Restoration Services

During Your Time In Our Program, Our Team Will Be Actively Challenges All Inaccurate, Derogatory, or Negative Information In Your Credit Reports With Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, Creditors, And Debt Collectors!

  • 3 Bureau Audit + Analysis

A Member Of Our Team Of Credit Experts Will Perform A Thorough Credit Audit Of Your Report With All 3 Major Bureaus As Well As Perform An Analysis To Provide Understanding Of The Current Stages Of Your Reports

  • 24/7 Portal Access & Customer Service

Anytime You Have Questions About Your Account, Our Team Is Available Via Your Client Portal To Assist You With Any Of Your Concerns. If You Receive Any Correspondence While In Our Program, No Need To Stress Understanding The Verbiage, Simply Upload The Documents To Us Via Your Client Portal, And We Will Take It From There!

  • Personalized Monthly Updates

Upon Receiving Your Latest Scores And Reports From Your Credit Monitoring Service, You Will Receive Email & SMS Notifications In Regard To The Changes We Have Found In Your Scores And Reports. You Will Never Be In The Dark Or Unaware In Regard To Your Account With Us. You Will Always Be Able To Find The Most Up To Date Information In Your Client Portal.

  • Unlimited Cease & Desist Letters

Many Times, Debt Collectors Will Harass Consumers About Their Debts. Once You Are A Member Of Our Program, We Will Promptly Send Cease & Desist Letters To All Debt Collection Agencies Actively Reporting To Your Credit Reports. This Will Assist Us In The Removal Of These Accounts.

  • Complimentary FDCPA Attorney

We Are Partnered With An Excellent Team of FDCPA Specialist Who Assist Us In Not Only The Removal Of Negative Items, But The Collection Of Payment From Collection Agencies And Original Creditors Due To Violating Your Rights As A Consumer.

  • Complimentary Document Notarization

During The Credit Restoration Process, We Do Not Send Out Letter Templates, As The Bureaus Receive Those Everyday, And Will Disregard Our Challenges As Frivolous. Instead, Your Letters Are Generated Based On The Violations In Your Reports. As Your File Is Escalated When Items Remain, We Will Send Notarized Documents To The Bureaus. This Can Cost $10-20 Per Notarized Document, But We Will Notarize Unlimited Documents Free Of Charge To Ensure Your Success In Our Program.

  • Exclusive FB Community Access

You Will Be Added To A Facebook Group Where You Can Have 24/7 Access To Ask Any General Credit and Financial Literacy Questions, And Receive The Most Up To Date Information In Regard To Credit Repair, Financial Literacy, Loans, Interest Rates, And More!

  • Monthly Coaching Calls

Every Month You Will Be Invited To A Coaching Call Where We Will Educate And Advise You On The Best Path To Reaching Your Financial Goals While In The Program. Be Sure To Hold Yourself Accountable And Be Present, You Will Have The Opportunity To Ask Any Questions Or Request Any Advice, And Don't Worry If There Isn't Enough Time, You Can Always Submit Your Questions Via Your Client Portal And Receive An Answer From Our Team.

  • Weekly Onboarding Calls

Once You Complete Your Registration, You Will Be Invited To A Onboarding Call Within 7 Days. Please Be Sure To Be Present During This Call. Many Questions May Run Across Your Mind About The Credit Restoration Process, And We Want To Ensure We Have Eased Your Mind And Provided Any Necessary Questions To Ensure You Are Confident In Your Time In Our Program.

Real People. Real Results. We Pride Ourselves On Providing Expedited Results For Our Clients With Top Tier Service & Proven Strategy

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We Get It! This Is Going To Be One Of The Biggest Life Changes Decisions You Will Ever Make. That's Why We Keep Our FAQ Page Up To Date With The Answers To Any Questions You May Have.

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I had someone working on my credit for 2 years and barely did shit! Lawful Restoration Services has been working on my credit for 2 months and got EVERYTHING deleted! Please go to them you won't regret it!


Kelverna and her team are really great and work hard. They have removed so much from my reports and are almost complete to where I want to be. I am definitely glad that I went with this company and would recommend them to anyone!


Lawful Restoration is absolutely great! My credit score has gone up over 100 points! They always explain the process to me and I am consistently receiving emails on new disputes and deletions! This company has changed my life, I am so much closer to my financial goals now. After using other companies with no results, Lawful Restoration has all of my faith and confidence in the services they offer.


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  • Get Cash From Your Credit Cards
  • Report Your Income On Your Credit
  • Report Your Income On Your Credit
  • Get Pre-approved For Credit Cards, Vehicles, and More!
  • Get Multiple Credit Card Approvals With One Inquiry
  • Get Faster Credit Limit Increased
  • Report Your Rent On Your Credit
  • And More!

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