Our Certified Credit Experts Are Highly Trained To Break Down Your Credit Report To Find All Violations Of The Laws Enacted By Congress To Protect You, The Consumer. Our Number One Priority Is To Assist You In The Removal Of Inaccurately Reporting Information In The Least Amount Of Time Possible. Our Ethical Strategy Has Helped Us Maintain A 92% Deletion Rate For Our clients. We Fight For You, So You Don't Have To!

What Makes Us Different?

Typically, In The Credit Repair Process, You Must Maintain Credit Monitoring For A Fee To Access Your Scores And Reports, To Only Receive Vantage Scores, That No Lender Utilizes.

Not With Lawful Restoration Services! We Are The Only Credit Restoration Company Providing Our Clients With The Opportunity To Access Their FICO Industry Scores & Reports Every Single Month In Our Program!

Great Credit Improves Your Life. Why Not Now?

We Know That Managing To Keep A Good Credit Score Can Be Difficult. In The Blink Of An Eye, One Late Payment Here, Another Misunderstanding There, And You've Got A Terrible Credit Score You May Think Is Irreparable.

But That Simply Isn't True. Credit Scores Can Always Be Restored And We Are Here To Help You Out!

Complimentary Consultation

It Is Acceptable To Seek Assistance When Traveling On A Long And Winding Road! Just When You Think Your Score Has Reached Rock Bottom, It Can Slip Even Lower, And It Will Continue To Do So Unless You Make The Right Decision. Debt Is An Endless Pit Of Despair, So Get To Work Right Away!

We May Be Able To Provide You Some Advice On How To Better Manage Your Credit Score If You Call Us And Explain Your Situation.

In-Depth Analysis

Following Your Complimentary Consultation, The Next Step Is A Thorough Examination Of Your Credit History. This May Entail Investigating Bills, Investments, Bonds, And Loans. To Get A Clear Picture Of What Went Wrong, Our Experts Will Analyze Your Entire Account While Constantly Discussing The Events With You.

It Is Not Always A Missed Payment But Recurring Habits That Have A Negative Impact On Your Credit Score In The Long Run.

Our Goal Is Not Only To Improve Your Credit Score, But Also To Help You Keep It Up. Our Team Of Experts Will Provide You With Personalized Advice To Help You Keep Your New And Improved Credit Scores!

The Plan

We Look At Disputes That Need To Be Resolved After We Have Determined What Needs To Be Done And Fixed. We Devise A Proper Strategy To Assist You In Improving Your Score. This Game Plan Can Include Anything From Personalized Credit Score And Debt Reduction Tips To Resolving Past Disputes On Your Behalf.

We Essentially Provide You With Sound Financial Education, Which Is Uncommon In The Real World. In Addition, We Keep An Eye On Your Account, Monitoring Your Credit Scores And Habits. Even After Our Consultation, If There Is Something You Will Be Doing Incorrectly, Our Experts Will Be Forthright In Pointing It Out.

What Can We Do For You?

When You Badly Need A Loan To Buy A House Or A New Car, Your Poor Credit History May Come Back To Haunt You. Those Late Payments You Make May Cause You Problems In The Future. Lawful Restoration Services Can Assist You In Improving Your Credit Scores. We Accomplish This By Contacting Businesses That Have Left Negative Information For Your Credit And Determining The Source Of The Problem. With Over Half A Decade Of Industry Experience, Our Team Can Quickly Scour Your Entire Credit History And Put An End To Credit Disputes That Have Been Holding You Back For Far Too Long.

Learn How We Can Assist You!

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Why Lawful Restoration Services?

Our Programs Are Built For Success!

We Have Perfected Our Programs To Render Consistent Results AGAIN And AGAIN And AGAIN! The Best Part Is That All Of Our Programs Not Only Assist In The Repair Of Your Credit, But Also Provide The Foundation Of Financial Literacy Every Consumer Needs To Make Better Financial Decisions.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Who We Are

We Are Lawful Restoration Services, A Credit Repair Company Based In Houston, Texas. At Lawful Restoration Services, We Take Pride In Delivering Effective Results In Real Time. Why Should You Use Us When There Are Hundreds Of Credit Repair Services Available?

That's Simple! We Have Been In The Market Over Half A Decade And Have Transformed Dozens Of Clients Into First Time Homeowners And Car Owners! Take Their Word For it if you don't believe us!

Our Highly Skilled Legal Team And Streamlined Work Processes Enable Us To Deliver Results In Record Time. If You've Been Eyeing A Home Loan Or Want To Get Your Hands On A New Credit Card, We Will Make It Happen!


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